Useful Websites for gardens and plants

The website links below are ones which we find particularly helpful and many, but not all, are referred to in the text of our website. It goes without saying that we can not take any responsibility for the accuracy or content of these third party websites and we are very much aware that the list is far from comprehensive. If you do feel that a link should be added, please do not hesitate to let us know by sending an email, but please also respect our discretion to decide which websites we will include in this list. Finally, the list below does NOT include sites where salient text is only in Dutch. These can be found by clicking on the Dutch flag.

Aroids and Arisaemas Aroid Society Avent’s (USA) – good pictures and information on arisaemas and other plants.


There are three camellia society sites that have good pictorials etc. Camellia Society of Cornwall nursery – an excellent nursery site in the UK,en-usInternational Camellia Society

Exotic plants (palms, banana, bamboo, etc.)

Many specialist nurseries have informative websites and those below have a UK bias. On the Dutch page, they tend to be Benelux based, but some sites have an English language option, so please do a quick check of these as well. For good general information and extensive further links see: Plants is a specialist nursery founded by Nick Macer in 1997. Located in the Severn Valley of Gloucestershire, he provides an inspiring selection of the finest, most desirable and often rarest plants capable of growing on these isles.

Bamboo societies (excellent links to suppliers and other information) The American Bamboo society

Good nursery sites are: for people interested in (very) unusual plants
www.plantdelights.comTony Avent’s highly informative site including plants for sale in the USA Urban Jungle Nursery, UK Palm Nursery, UK

Suppliers of seeds are: seeds and gardens, UK

 Ferns’s premier fern nursery
www.hardyferns.orgA good website for ferns website with special and rare ferns


There are numerous links on hostas, many we use are primarily in Dutch and not given here so the adventerous reader may like to click over to the Dutch site as well. Many national hosta societies have useful sites. Hosta and hemerocallis society
www.hostavereniging.nlDutch hosta society hosta society<<> for photographs<<><<>
www.hostaparadise.comFransen hostas gives comprehensive descriptions
http://hostaregistrar.orgAn excellent source for background information on hosta hybrids article on fragrant hostas

Magnolia Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia group


www.esveld.nlEsveld – one of Europe’s major specialists Rhododendron Society Rhododendron, Camellia & Magnolia group


National Rose Societies have excellent informative sites and provide additional links. Simply putting “rose society”into Google yields many more. Canadian Rose Society

Shade plants

Clearly, links under other sections are relevant (e.g.hosta , ferns, aroids, rhododendrons) but two excellent sites from shade plant specialists are: Farm Plants in N. Wales in Netherlands (plant descriptions only in Dutch) 10 plants that are great for shady gardens

General Websites

  The selection here is inevitably idiosyncratic, but here goes:

www.esveld.nlEsveld has a massive databank of photos that are excellent when used in conjunction with data in other books, such as The Hiller Manual of Trees and Shrubs
www.cgf.netBob Brown’s “Cotswold GArden Flowers”nursery is well worth a visit if you are looking for something unusual of different types of gardening databases and information image database for easy identification of hundreds of different flowers
Hardy Plant Society ( UK) very informative website with interesting links and information information on individual plants by Virginia Oakes



Other links to open gardens 
A website with many open gardens all over Europe, visited by Garden Tours. en Bloei en Bloei section Nijkerk and Hoevelaken Many links to open private gardens in The Netherlands. links to open gardens in The Netherlands 
www.tuinen.nlAn inspiration source for gardeners and country people (in Dutch)

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