Two very different Presentations/Lectures/ Talks

If you would like John and Joyce to come and give a talk to your garden club or group, please contact us for information.

 1.  OpdeHaar gardens – colour and contrast

If you have enjoyed a visit to our garden during the spring, summer or autumn, perhaps your club would like a presentation during the winter months about our garden. We have prepared a powerpoint presentation, full of beautiful photographs taken in our garden and describing:

      • A tour and history of the garden
      • Foliage contrasts and how to create colour without flowers
      • Flowers for all seasons, particularly concentrating on winter, early spring and autumn flowers
      • Exotic plants found at OpdeHaar gardens
      • Shadow plants and planting in a shady garden.

The presentation includes over one hundred photographs and either John or Joyce will talk you through them, giving descriptions of the plants, design and history of our garden.

2. Evolution of plants on Earth

Evolution of plants
Evolution of plants through millions of years

A completely different lecture, also lasting about 2 hours, explains how plants originated on earth and how they have developed and spread. We look at how plants have created an atmosphere which is suitable for human habitation and how they have played a key role in influencing the climate. In addition, we trace the development of different plant sorts and look at some “prehistorical” plants which can be found in garden centres today. A lecture about plants but from a novel perspective for many people and, considering the attention given in the media for subjects such as climate change, CO2 emissions and greenhouse gasses, a subject which is very topical today!

Travel costs and a small contribution will be requested.


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