Highlights in each month – When would you like to visit OpdeHaar

By clicking on the month, you will get an idea of the highlights in that month. Note that flowering periods and autumn colours can vary depending on the weather especially in the spring and autumn.

In principle, we are closed from the end of september until the beginning of april

All photos were taken in our garden.

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There is a lot for the visitor to see during the spring months. In March there are snowdrops and crocusses, followed by narcissus and later the bluebells. Protected by the the trees in the wood, you will find more than 60 different sorts of camellias, which are can start flowering in January, but ususally in March. There are also about 120 different acers, many with wonderful spring leaf colour, while others are renowned for their autumn colours. There are also almost 400 rhododendrons , some of which start flowering in February and March and others as late as June, although the climax is in May.


During the summer, the borders and the rose garden come into their own. The summer borders are at their best, with an abundance of colours ranging from white, through pink, blue and deep purple from, for example, Delphinium Black Knight,  Campanula glomerata Superba, Echinacea purpurea, Lavatera, Angelica gigas, Veronica Sunny border blue,  Astrantia sunnigdale variegated, Aruncus dioicus and Phlox.  In the woods and the Millennium Garden there are over 150 different varieties of hosta to be found, including many large leaved varieties and some with red stems. Most are in flower between June and August. The clematis are also a feature of the garden, with many of them climbing through rhododendrons and other shrubs. Noteworthy trees and shrubs in flower are the Liriodendron, Kalmia angustifolia, Cornus kousa Norman Haddon, Sinocalycanthus sinensis, Stuartia pseudocamellia and Philadelphus Dame Blanche, which all flower in June. In addition many Magnolias flowering in June. By and in the pond, the irises and waterlilies are flowering. And, of course, June and July is the time for roses. Here you see the rose garden in June and Rosa “Romanze”, Rosa “New Dawn” and Rosa “Westerland”   Later in the summer the hydrangeas are in full flower


In the autumn there is an explosion of colour, particularly when the leaves of the acers, beeches and hamamelis change colour. However, it is difficult to predict exactly when the explosion will take place. 


Even in the Winter months there is always something of interest. There is almost always something in flower. If snow falls then the garden becomes a fairy wonderland.






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